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Automated roulette wheel - Classic

Classic is our most popular automated roulette wheel. With traditional looks of noble wood and hard gilded metal surfaces and modern details such as Plexiglas ring with numbers it proved to be a wheel of choice for many players.
Add to that it's reliability and no need for maintenance and it is no surprise that it is a wheel of choice for many roulette manufacturers as well.
Simple and oversized mechanics, as well as electronics, are guarantee of long lasting and trouble free wheel.


  • LED illumination
  • Plexiglas ring with numbers
  • Hard gilded metal surfaces
  • European/French number layout
  • High precision machining
  • Preinstalled motors and sensors
  • Metal pedestal
  • Glass dome



  • Illuminated ring inside wooden frame
  • Combination of dark and light noble wood
  • Gold plated visible metal surfaces
  • Plexiglas ring with numbers
  • Plexiglas pockets with metal separators


  • Ball launching in both directions
  • Nickel plating of visible metal surfaces
  • Custom number layout
  • Custom colors of the wood
  • Grooved separator ring
  • 3D numbers
  • Wooden cental cone
  • Extra bright illumination
  • Control electronics (computer controlled or fully/semi automatic)
  • Casing
  • Black anodized aluminum cone