Electronic Roulette Wheels

King Roulettes automated roulette wheels are the choice of many global gaming industry leaders as well as dozens of successful manufacturers  of end user gaming devices worldwide. Complemented by the valuable feedback from our partners, our wheels have been constantly developed for almost two decades. With the guiding notion of stability and endurance, our products are always over-engineered and leaned towards a refined simplicity.

In order to adapt to your individual style and ideas, we extended our range of wheels models with a great choice of additional customer-specific options and possibilities.


Traditional design, bestseller


Modern design, extra stable


Contemporary, extra durable


Compact footprint


Automated roulette wheels made as per your specific requirements


Manual Roulette wheels

As standard, our automated roulette wheels make a completely functional automated roulette system sub-unit meant for the performance of a physical game cycle. By means of integrated control electronics, they communicate with the main automated roulette system’s software by receiving commands and sending feedback on the details related to the game cycle status, such as the position of the ball . We offer both, naked and enclosed wheels with casing suitable for standalone operation where player terminals are detached. 


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Thanks to over-engineering and absence of components like air compressors, our wheels do not require any scheduled maintenance.

If you, just like many others, favor genuine traditional looks exalted by a real noble solid wood instead of just veneer or foil imitation, in the case of automated roulette wheels you should pay special attention. Namely, the real challenge is not manufacturing a solid wood bowl that will look good when new but a bowl that will retain such a look for years of constant operation. In the case of automated roulettes this is so because working conditions, foremost high temperature due to many heat sources surrounding it, are not favorable for natural material such as solid wood. We at ClusterTech learned how to manufacture durable automated roulette wheels with bowls made from noble solid wood and we back it up with on-field successes. The crown of our technological breakthrough in this field was testing and subsequent successful operation in extremely hot and arid climate of Nevada performed by a customer with very strict requirements.

King Roulettes wheels mechanisms are over-engineered, precisely manufactured with the cutting-edge technology and assembled with a unique expertise of our craftsmen, some of whom are with us from the beginnings.

Our wheels’ metal surfaces are galvanized in very durable nickel or hard gold. Therefore, they stay shiny much longer than in the case of usual bare aluminum which is prone to oxidation over time.

We are the only automated roulette wheels manufacturer with a pool of thousands of units in a successful operation worldwide. Such a background speaks on its own.